You want to be a Male Talent?

​If you are interested in becoming a male talent, here are some things you should know. Male talents must be clean, std free, hygienic and not shy. We look for guys who are comfortable having sex in front of others but not cocky. Being a male talent is hard work! Many of the positions that look great on camera require some athletics. There are lights that get hot on set. There are people in the room recording your every move, even close up. You must be comfortable with the fact that someone might see you online having sex with a beautiful girl. While we don’t force anyone to do anything or anybody, the more limitations you have, the fewer shoots you will qualify for. You need to be willing to respect the personal boundaries of others and take direction on a fly, all while keeping an erection. Our number one priority is the safety and comfort of models and talent on set, so respect is a big deal. Are you still interested? Then read on to see if you qualify!

So you are cool with all that? Great! Male Talents must:

  • Be average to athletic in build (dad bods are ok).
  • Have at least a 6″ penis when erect*.
  • Be able to get and maintain an erection on set*.
  • Be clean, STD free and hygienic.
  • Be reliable, and have transportation.
  • Be respectful on and off set.
  • Live in South Florida, Orlando or Tampa.
  • As required by law, you must provide a photo ID to prove age and sign a model release form at the time of the shoot.
*If you do not qualify for male talent based on these requirements, than you may be able to do fetish scenes if that is something you are interested in.
We shoot on an erratic basis due to several variables such as models, locations, number of shoots etc.. The best method for scheduling male talent for us is to put out a text to our male talent roster as to who is available based on your parameters. Those males who are available text back, and we select the person based on who would be the best fit. This allows male talent to keep things flexible and not interfere with their own jobs/lives. While we shoot morning, afternoon, evening and night, we most frequently shoot in the afternoons and evenings, so those with that time available will get more shoots. Once you commit to a shoot, we expect you to be there, on time and prepared.
While being male talent isn’t the easiest thing, it is also something a lot of guys want to do. Because of this, starting pay is $40 per hour to male talent (in cash or online payment). Pay is higher for more experienced talent. We also frequently refer male talent to larger studios who pay more. We do not pay male talent that request their faces not be shown. Please note that this is for male talent shoots, male models are paid at a much higher rate.
If you have made it this far and want to proceed, this is how it works.
  1. Fill out the application below. Doing so correctly shows that you are able to follow directions, which is important on set.
  2. Phone call or Skype interview (5-10 minutes) if you qualify.
  3. In person interview in which you will need to demonstrate that you can get and maintain an erection on set if you qualify.
  4. Schedule your first shoot if you qualify.
Any males attempting to apply without following all of the steps will be dismissed. No Calls/No Shows are immiediatly removed from our roster.

Male Talent Application

Thank you for your interest in working with our studio. Please fill out all of the required information below. If you are having trouble submitting the application, first check that you have filled all required boxes. If you are still having issues, try filling out the form on a different browser (Edge and Chrome work best). If you have any questions, you can reach us at [email protected].

Enter your nickname or first name.

Enter your stage name. If you dont have one you can use your first name.

This is our Limits List. This list lets us know what you are comfortable doing and not doing, so please answer honestly. If you are unsure about something, please ask first before making a selection. If you feel like you "might" be interested in something, please mark it so we don't exclude it. You can always change this at any time.

Please note that this is for a wide range of previous requests and does not mean that we are actively shooting any of these types of content or will in the future.

Acting Type of acting you are interested in doing.

Photo Shoots Types of photoshoots you are interested in doing.

Types Of Content

What Types Of Masturbation Are You Comfortable Doing?

What Types of Handjobs Are You Comfortable receiving?

What Types of Blowjobs Are You Comfortable receiving?

What Types Of Sex With A Woman Are You Comfortable doing?

What Types Of Bisexual Activities Are You Comfortable Doing?

What Types Of Group Sex Are You Comfortable Doing?

What Types Of Fetishes Are You Comfortable Doing?

We primarily operate in South Florida, so this is where most of our shoots will take place.

As a model run studio, our company holds consent, comfort and safety as the highest priorities while shooting in a fun atmosphere. We shoot in many different styles according to our client's needs. While sometimes we do have requests for hardcore scenes, we typically do not shoot in a classic "porn" style. Our default style is more of what someone might do with a partner behind closed doors or what a woman might fantasize about to herself with foreplay, teasing, a slow build up to sex. Please answer the following questions:

What Body Types Are You Comfortable Shooting With?

Please attach at least one non nude and one nude image of you from the front, and one from the back. Images must be from at least your knees to your head. You can add additional photos of yourself however you like. Please note that these photos will not be kept or displayed anywhere. Choose FilesNo Files ChosenAccepted file types: jpg, jpeg, jpe, png, ico. Max. file size: 20 MB

Just To Confirm: