Do I Need To Edit The Video?

No, you do not need to edit the video. We actually prefer if you didn’t as we like to edit them ourselves. With that said, we don’t mind purchasing a video that has already been edited.

How Do You Pay?

After we receive your sample video and details OR after we make the outline of the video for you to make, we will send you a quote for the video. If you accept the quote, we will set up an escrow using a trusted Third Party (Escrow.com) that will send you the payment when you complete the video. This protects you, ensuring you receive payment and it protects us in case the video is not delivered for whatever reason. We cover all fees associated with setting up the escrow.

But How Much Do You Pay?
That is a complicated question. Every video is like a work of art, and just like art, the value is determined on the individual video. Things like length, quality (lighting and sound), location, type of content, special qualities, format (HD vs. portrait filming) and rights are just some of the variables that we take in consideration for each video. However we do list average prices for your convenience below:
  • Solo masturbation – $75
  • Handjobs – $150
  • Blowjobs – $250
  • Couple Sex – $350
  • Lesbian Sex – $400
  • Anal Sex – $450
  • Threesomes – $450 (mfm) $550 (mff)
  • Orgies (4 or more) – $600
  • Blowbangs/Gangbangs – $800
Special qualities such as “first time”, public locations, multiple cumshots etc.. influence the value of the video. As an equality for all studio, we do not pay extra for interracial scenes. We do not participate in the “race taboo” of mainstream porn. An interracial couple is just as hot and normal as a same race couple. However we do pay more for “big dick” or “big toys”. Negatives that may reduce value include dark or blurry videos, portrait filming instead of landscape filming, lack of enthusiasm/boredness and “fakiness”.
How Long Does It Take To Get Paid?

It generally takes less than a week from the day you submit your videos. If you are making a video for us, we send you the outline within 3-5 days and usually complete the escrow within 48 hours of receiving the video.

What About Taxes?

When selling us your video, you are classified as an Independent Seller. Therefor, it is your responsibility to report any income from you selling your video. We will not send you any tax forms in the mail.

Is My Partner Or Myself Attractive Enough?

In the 7 years that we have been in the business, we have never had a video not do well based on a person’s looks. People have many, many different attractions and denying a platform to those not traditionally seen as porn material blocks a lot of users who may enjoy it. We accept videos from old people, young (18+) people, big people, skinny people and all races. If you feel sexy, then you are good enough!

Can I Remain Anonymous?

We do accept videos from people who wear masks or do POV (point of view). We also have the ability to blur your faces if you prefer. You are also encouraged to provide a stage name (fake name) to be used in the description of the video. However, required by law, anyone in the video naked and/or performing a sex act still must have signed or be willing to sign a 2257 form (provided) and a copy of their ID (see below for more information). These are kept confidential.

Can I Sell Or Make Multiple Videos?

Yes! We have many couples who sell us new videos on a monthly basis.

What About Safe Sex?

We feel that safe sex is an important part of a healthy sexual lifestyle. We are perfectly fine accepting videos with condoms or other forms of birth control/STD protection. At the same time, we will pay a little more for bareback and/or creampie type videos due to customer demand.

Do You Buy Gay, Bisexual, Trans Or Lesbian Videos?

We are currently accepting Bisexual (both male and female) and Lesbian videos. We are not accepting Gay or Trans videos simply because we do not have a specific site to display that type of content. This may change in the future!

Non Exclusive Rights vs. Exclusive Rights

When you sell a video, you grant either the non exclusive or exclusive rights to it. Exclusive rights means that when you sell the video, you are selling all of the rights to display, share, sell or own the video. The payment for these rights is typically higher because of it’s exclusivity.
Non exclusive rights means that when you sell the video, you are sharing the rights to the video. You may still display, sell, share and own the video. Pay is typically less for these rights because the video is not exclusive, but if you want to sell the video on your clip store, display it on pornhub, or retain the rights to sell it again, then this is a great option for you to choose.

Model Release, 2257 Form and ID Requirements

Because we are a licensed studio in the United States of America, we must abide by all US laws regarding the production of Adult Content. You can read about the law here.

While we understand that giving out any information over the internet can be uncomfortable, this is the minimum required amount of information while still complying with US law. With this in mind, unlike other studios we do not ask for your social security number or the full information on your ID. We do not “investigate” or send anything to your address, EVER. Any information you provide is kept confidential by law, just like at your doctor’s office.
Model Release – In most cases, when selling a photo or video, you must have a release form from each person in the content, including yourself if you are in the video. This allows us the ability to post the video.
2257 Form – This form establishes that the people involved in the video consent, are over 18 years of age and understood they were filming adult content. For your convenience, we have included the 2257 form requirements into the model release, so that you only need to fill out the one form (2 pages). We have provided a sample form of our 2257 Release. This way you can see what it is and how to fill it out properly. We try to be as transparent as possible. You can see the sample HERE.

ID – The law requires us to have a photo copy of a Photo ID issued by a government agency. You may block out all information EXCEPT your photo, name, ID number, expiration date and birth date. Valid examples include:
  • State Driver’s License
  • State ID Card
  • College ID (must include photo and birth date)
  • Government Library Card (must include photo and birth date)
  • Passport
  • Foreign government issued ID if you live outside the US (must include photo and birth date)
  • Military ID
  • Permit Card for activities such as Weapons, Hunting/Fishing, Air Travel etc… (must include photo and birth date)
If you are unable to provide any of the required documentation, then we are legally not allowed to buy your video. This is non negotiable. All documents must be clear and legible.

Download Model Release form

What Type Of Content Do We Currently Need?

While we do purchase all types of content on a regular basis, the content we really want at the moment is:
Vanilla Sex, Threesomes, BBW, Hotwife, Chastity and Cuckolding.